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About Arker

Arker is a game which will place you in the role of controlling a hero with his pet in order to regain control of the kingdom of Ohm. But for this you will not fight alone! You will have the opportunity to be part of a clan to achieve your goal but it will not be easy! the enemy will always try to defeat you and your clan. Skills, runes, equipment, characters, pets and incredible PVP / PVE content will make your stay in Ohm unforgettable. 

Arker is inspired by the mythical games of Korea fast-play and will not only be a fun game but it will allow you to share moments with other friends and obtain great rewards. 

The Arker model is based on "play to earn" from the beginning you will be able to obtain items which can be sold in the marketplace that will make you obtain financial rewards. 

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